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Halykàs - White

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Comes from espalier vineyards with a density of 3400 plants per hectar.
The tendrils are over 9 years old. The fermentation is done at controlled temperature (15-16 °C). The wine is bottled after one year of stay in the tank.
The variety is pure Insolia.
The alcoholic grade is almost 14.5°.
As for the Limpiados, also this white insolia wine is product of a slight over-riping of the grapes on the field.
The result is simply astounding.
It shows inklings of acacia honey, banana and pears, even being a dry wine.
The golden color and the density are uncommon.
To the taste it reveals itself as buttery, worm, wrapping and velvety, expressing other back-smell feelings.
The fermentation proceeds in a scalar way, with subsequent adding of progressively more withered grapes.
This procedure guarantees a regular transformation of the sugar in alcohol up to 14.5% in volume, keeping and varying the aromatic range of the product.

Technical card for Halikas White

Classification: Typical Geographical Indication Sicily (IGT)
Type: White
First year of production: 1997
Bottles produced: 5000
Grapes: Insolia, with tendrils older than 9 years
Implantation year: 1985-1991
Height: 70 meters
Soil type: abundante frame with high lime presence; average dough origined from gypsum-sulfur strata.
Yield per hectar: 4.5 tonnes
Culture system: espalier, guyot and spurred cordon
Density: 3330 plants per hectar
Time of harvest: first between September 4-15, second between September 28-30
Production: statical settling of base must after press-stripping and soft pressing; inoculation of selected yeasts, press-stripping and maceration of over-ripen grapes with inoculation of yeasts for the second fermentation
Fermentation tank material: 5 cu. meters stainless steel tanks
Fermentation temperature: 16 °C
Time of bottling: April-May
Fermentation duration: 26 days
Alcoholic grade: 14.5°
Aging: up to 4 years
Maximum pleasure age: from 1 to 3 years
Color: golden
Smell: Majestic and elegant with delicate varietal aromas and marked inklings of figs, apricots, acacia honey, orange, dried prunes and dried, very ripen fruit. It shows its “Greekness”
Taste: Very rich in glicerine and highly bodied, does not show its alcoholic grade. Perfectly balanced with a pleasant bitter note in after-taste
Best served at: 15-18°C
Matching: It loves refines cuisine dishes, with a strong and fat tast. Ideal with seasoned an aromatic cheeses.