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Gloria - White

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The GLORIA white is composed by:

Insolia white wine 85%
Other native tendrils 15%

Masterpiece of elegance, wraps the senses with intense and persistend flower aroma, among which stand out orange and glicine.
The color is deep golden, bright and rich in glicerine.
To the taste, it is fresh, pleasant and balanced.
The vineyards are at an height of 70 meters a.s.l., esplaier of 2.50m per 1.20m.
The pruning is by spurred cordon with four gems per head.
The yield does not exceeds 4.5 tonnes.
The production technique is strictly traditional, with the only bringing in of temperature controlled fermentation which usually happens around 18C.

Technical card for Sogno Di Dama White

Classification: Typical Geographical Indication Sicily (IGT)
Type: white
First year of production: 1999
Bottles produced: 4000
Grapes: Insolia 85%, aged native tendrils 15%
Implantation year: 1993
Height: 50 meters
Soil type: abundante frame with high lime presence; average dough origined from gypsum-sulfur strata.
Yield per hectar: 6.0 tonnes
Culture system: spurred cordon
Density: 3330 plants per hectar
Time of harvest: September 18
Production: cold stripping, polishing filtering of the fresh must, inoculation of selected yeasts, reduction fermentation
Fermentation tank material: 3 cu. meter stainless steel tanks
Fermentation temperature: 15 C
Time of bottling: April
Fermentation duration: 6 days
Alcoholic grade: 12.5
Aging: up to 3 years
Maximum pleasure age: from 1 to 3 years
Color: deep golden with green reflexes
Smell: Strongly floral, marked notes of exotic fresh fruits coupled with a light side of spices. Aromatically very complex.
Taste: very fresh with marked acidity supported by a consistent body. The alcoholic sensation is practically absent even at high temperature. Astonishing for softness and extent.
Best served at: 15C
Matching: excellent apretif, it matches also with seafood salads or honey garlic meals.