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Sogno di Dama - White

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“Baron, Your son is crazy, he's removing all the Trebbiano to plant tendrils that bear little wine”: that's what the old employees of the farm told, cetween the shock and the doubt, to Baron Antonino.

The son Nicolo', now manager of the Estate, in the wake of the innovating spirit of his great grandfather Don Toto', was already aiming to the quality at the expense of the quantity, in absolute and apparently paradoxical countertrend.
One of these tendrils that bear little wine is the Inzolia, from which it's obtained an important Wine dedicated to the great aunt Giuseppina.
A great Wine, dedicated to a Great Lady, strong and with a resolute character as She was.

The SOGNO DI DAMA (Lady's Dream) white comes from espalier vineyards having a density of 3400 plants per hectar. The pruning is done by gujot. 
100% Insolia elevated in barriques.
Important wine, dedicated to the daughter of Don Toto', Giuseppina, from whom it inherites the determined and sensitive character.
Strongly aromatic, it reveals pleasantly the match between the barrique and the varietal aromas.
The color is deep golden, like Sicily's wheat in July.
It is delicate to the taste, warm and persistend, with amplitude out of the ordinary.
Those values derive from a careful selection of grapes grown in espalier vineyards with guyot pruning.
The fermentation starts in steel vats at a temperature of 16C and ends in barriques, where it ripes for ten months.

Technical card for Sogno Di Dama White

Classification: Typical Geographical Indication Sicily (IGT)
Type: white
First year of production: 1998
Bottles produced: 5000
Grapes: Insolia from aged tendrils
Implantation year: 1985-91
Height: 70 meters
Soil type: abundante frame with high lime presence; average dough origined from gypsum-sulfur strata.
Yield per hectar: 4.0 tonnes
Culture system: espalier, guyot and spurred cordon
Density: 3330 plants per hectar
Time of harvest: September 4-15
Production: statical settling of the must after press-stripping and soft pressing; inoculation with selected yeasts, fermentation and refining in barriques for 8 months.
Fermentation tank material: french oak cask
Fermentation temperature: 19 C
Time of bottling: April-May
Fermentation duration: 18 days
Alcoholic grade: 12.5
Aging: up to 4 years
Maximum pleasure age: from 1 to 3 years
Color: deep golden
Smell: delicate and elegant with varietal aroms and ripe fruit perfectly matched with the sweet vanilla of the barrique, it never ends to astonish for the 'extent' of the aroma, extremely wrapping, never grave.
Taste: full, delicate, perfectly rounded, excells for the gentleness and pleasantness of taste. Clear inkling of tosted peanuts in backtaste
Best served at: 16C
Matching: loves high cuisine dishes with strong and fat taste. Extremely nice even out of meals, alone or in good company