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Cadetto - Red

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The CADETTO red comes from espalier vineyards having a density of 3400 plants per hectar. The pruning is done by gujot.

100% Nero d'Avola young tendrils
The main traits of this red wine are the fuit and the balance.
To the smell, this wine expresses a wide mixture of red berries and jams with an enviable extent.
The ruby color with violet reflexes indicates youth and freshness, corresponding to the taste.
To the taste, it offers intense emotions, thanks to a soft and sweet tannin, leaving a pleasant and persistent inkling of sour-cherries.
These merits come from a careful production.
Even if it is a year wine, it is able to sustain over four year aging.

Technical card for Cadetto Red

Classification: Typical Geographical Indication Sicily (IGT)
Type: red
First year of production: 1991
Bottles produced: 40000
Grapes: young nero d'avola tendrils
Implantation year: 1996
Height: 70 meters
Soil type: abundante frame with high lime presence; average dough origined from gypsum-sulfur strata.
Yield per hectar: 7 tonnes
Culture system: spurred cordon
Density: 3330 plants per hectar
Time of harvest: September 3
Production: Press-stripping and inoculation of selected yeasts, maceration at 24C for seven days, soft pressing.
Fermentation tank material: 250 cu. meters stainless steel tank
Fermentation temperature: 24 C
Time of bottling: five months after harvest
Fermentation duration: 7 days
Alcoholic grade: 13.5
Aging: up to 6 years
Maximum pleasure age: 10 months-3 years
Color: deep ruby red with violet reflexes
Smell: aroma of soft fruit jam, then prunes, black cherry and, at the third stage, soil aroma similar the wood after the rain.
Taste: Full, fresh and elegant; these traits are framed in a really consistent body. Even if this wine has a strong structure, it is not a wine for meditation; it is therefore excellent for not very demanding dishes.
Best served at: 18-20C
Matching: meat, roasts (both feathered and bigger game), hot oysters in warm saffron sauce, bruschetta with lardo di colonnata with rosemary.