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Cadetto - White

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The CADETTO white comes from espalier vineyards having a density of 3400 plants per hectar. The pruning is done by gujot.

100% insolia from young tendrils.
Fresh and fragrant wine, strikes for the intensity and persistence of varietal aromas.
In the glass this wine shows immediately its great density covering it with thick drops, index of great softness, with the deep golden color anticipating its full taste.
At the taste it spreads strength and pleasantness, leaving a tosted peanuts aftertaste, typical of pure insolia.
Its an ideal wine for aperitif or meal, coupled with shellfish and rock fish.
Produced in steel tanks, it ferments at a temperature of 18C for six days, after which period it is filtered and stored for four months. Having achieved the right evolution, and as a consequence an appropriate balance in taste, it is bottled.

Technical card for Cadetto White

Classification: Typical Geographical Indication Sicily (IGT)
Type: white
First year of production: 1993
Bottles produced: 20000
Grapes: young insolia tendrils
Implantation year: 1996
Height: 70 meters
Soil type: abundante frame with high lime presence; average dough origined from gypsum-sulfur strata.
Yield per hectar: 6 tonnes
Culture system: espalier; Guyot and spurred cordon
Density: 3330 plants per hectar
Time of harvest: September 4-15
Production: statical settling of the must after press-stripping and soft pressing; inoculation with selected yeasts, fermentation and refining in steel.
Fermentation tank material: 100 cu. meters stainless steel tank
Fermentation temperature: 15-19 C
Time of bottling: second half of February
Fermentation duration: 10 days
Alcoholic grade: 12.5
Aging: to be tasted young
Maximum pleasure age: 1-2 years
Color: deep golden with green reflexes
Smell: it offers a broad and rich fruity bouquet, with pronounced varietal aroma, notably mango, vanilla, cinammon, apple with very long persistence.
Taste: Full, soft and balanced; joins the values of the remarkable aromatic elegance to the soft fruity and varietal fragrance.
Best served at: 15 C
Matching: for aperitif, but also marinated fish appetizers, fresh salads, strong and fat cheeses. Italian cuisine: octopus salad, fried shrimp and squid, four cheeses pasta, spaghetti with clam, pasta with sardines.
Sicilian cheese: cacio cavallo form Ragusa, smoked ricotta cheese, spicy sheep milk cheese.